O&M Service Providers
Technicians in the field need a fast, easy to use system for capturing servicing data that can also be integrated with the organisation's ERP, if required. It's why the industry's largest manufacturers as well as the up and coming O&M providers are turning to WTGservice.com.
Do you have world-leading systems in place to help you secure O&M contracts? 79% of wind turbines are still under warranty...but this is about to change, according to Wind Energy Update.
WTGservice.com is built by a team of systems specialists using cutting edge web-based technology, in conjunction with actual wind farm technicians, engineers and servicing managers. The result is a comprehensive O&M management solution with an interface that is both intuitive and incredibly easily to use, interacting with a single data repository at a rapid rate.
The multiple permission level design means that at each user level, from technician to servicing manager, through to administrator, will only see what is relevant to them. It also means that you can allocate your clients (the farm owners or operators) their own login that has a restricted view of the O&M activity on their farms.
  • Capable of managing single farms or multiple farms with different farm owners
  • Your clients can have their own "farm owner" login with restricted view
  • All users (technicians through to administrators) access the same live data repository simultaneously
  • Regular multi-location data back-ups
  • Unlimited system users
  • Avoid costly "per user" systems that are slow and inappropriate for in-field use
  • Maintain and access asset documentation via the one portal
  • No software to install or maintain locally. We won’t send you CD's.
  • No in-house IT administrative requirements
  • No capital expenditure