The world's leading wind farm maintenance management software
WTGservice.com is used in multiple languages with thousands of wind turbines worldwide.
Every day the world's largest wind farm owners, operators and service providers rely on WTGservice.com to help their servicing division run smoothly.
For scheduled and reactive maintenance, time and materials tracking, WTGservice.com is a fresh and dynamic alternative to old, traditional CMMS's. But it's a complete end-to-end system for accurately and efficiently controlling the servicing aspects of your wind farm network.
  • Manage scheduled & reactive jobs
  • 100% web-based
  • Technician-friendly interfaces
  • Multi-lingual capable
  • Powerful O&M knowledgebase
  • Track O&M costs on asset-by-asset basis
  • Budget for future O&M costs
  • Data filtering and graphical trend analysis
  • Technician timesheet management
  • Integrate with ERP's
"The software's speed and simplicity makes tracking and recording service reports a breeze for our technicians.

Considering all its features, it's so cost effective compared to alternative solutions, benefiting both Suzlon and our valued clients."
- Joachim Schalck
General Manager, Operations, Maintenance & Service
Suzlon Energy Australia Pty Ltd
For farm owners & operators A significant number of wind farm owners and operators do not have ready access to the O&M data from their own turbines. It's why the industry's largest owners and operators are turning WTGservice.com.
For O&M contractors Technicians in the field need a fast, easy to use system for capturing servicing data. It's why the industry's largest manufacturers and up and coming O&M providers are turning to WTGservice.com.
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Materials inventory management
  • Future material usage predictions
  • Stock shortage notifications
  • Centralized data repository
Cutting Costs
Compared to alternative systems that may cost upwards of $3,000 per user, WTGservice.com is extremely cost effective.
We price on a per turbine basis, meaning your investment is a representation of the size of your operations. It also means costs can easily be associated with each project and even the smallest service providers are catered for.
With potentially hundreds of turbine technicians on your books, the timesheet module allows employee timesheets to be generated directly from the data held in service reports.
We can also customize a pay report, taking into account your local pay laws & internal rules, literally saving thousands of hours on managing individual timesheets.
The intuitive design, together with reporting functionality, allows powerful trend identification and cost saving analysis. This is combined with a comprehensive inventory management system that assists in reducing stock levels and decreasing turbine downtime.
Designed by website usability experts together with actual wind turbine technicians and servicing managers, the user interface is so incredibly easy to use, ensuring quality data is collected from front-line users. It also means that initial and ongoing training costs are significantly reduced when compared to alternative systems.
Quick Implementation
Being 100% designed and built for wind farm application, you won't have to change your standard practices to fit an "off the shelf" generic package. Rather, the WTGservice.com system can be implemented quickly and easily using wind industry best-practice.
The WTGservice.com team will work closely, in partnership with your servicing division to ensure the smooth implementation of the system and make sure the use of features and benefits are maximized.