Maintenance Management
Tracking scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is the core of
It's why wind farm owners, operators, manufacturers and O&M providers worldwide, in multiple languages, trust to help get the job done.
Scheduled (preventative) Maintenance
Plan and log preventative maintenance schedules for any specific asset model in your fleet. Then, regardless of how many farms are using that asset model, you'll never miss a scheduled maintenance again. will automatically generate tasks within the system when scheduled maintenance falls due for any particular asset model.
Unscheduled (reactive) Maintenance
Log breakdowns and non-essential maintenance tasks quickly and easily. These can then be grouped into one job if and when you want the work to be carried out. By maintaining independence between tasks being undertaken, a variety of billing codes can be allocated to ensure materials and labour are allocated to the correct cost centre.
  • Multi-tech, multi-day, multi-task capability
  • Accurate tracking of time and parts used to individual assets within a unit or station plant
  • Track turbine downtime as it relates to specific causes
  • Capture problem identification & work undertaken subjective assessments
  • Build a valuable knowledgebase to assist in future troubleshooting
  • Allocate billing codes to associate work to different cost centres