Owner View
Maintenance needs, parts usage, faults, performance analysis and trends... the operation of some sites, in terms of costs and optimizing performance when they come out of warranty can be challenging, and sometimes surprising for the asset owner. It's why the industry's largest wind turbine owners and operators are turning to WTGservice.com.
You. The Owner.
Owners and operators need to develop a deep understanding of their assets - what work has been undertaken and what modifications have been made. There should be no surprises come end of warranty.
What we do.
We work with you, the wind farm owners and operators right around the globe to ensure a comprehensive, detailed maintenance history of your assets is drawn together from the various OEM’s and maintenance contractors to give full visibility.
How we do it.
We're already working with the largest OEM's and maintenance providers to collect, store and analyze turbine maintenance data; so we understand it. This is how we go about providing you with full visibility of your assets: