The user interface is so easy to use, training and re-training costs are significantly reduced when compared to alternative systems.
Because has been designed and built from a front-line, technician friendly approach, the processes for them will simply make sense. It’s for this reason that initial training can be completed quickly, but without sacrificing on system knowledge and understanding. can provide expert onsite training for any user permission level, from front-line technicians to administrator users to ensure your staff is well versed in every aspect of the system.
Combined with our unique per-turbine/per day pricing structure, implementation as well as ongoing costs are significantly reduced and within reach of even the smallest O&M providers.
The team will work closely, in partnership with your servicing division to ensure the smooth implementation of the system and make sure the use of features and benefits are fully realized.
  • Quick and cost effective start-up training
  • Tailored training sessions for any sized company
  • Minimal ongoing re-training requirements
  • 100% administrator-level support included in cost